Family Fun
It's easy when you can see the answers...
1) What were the names of the three dogs between Blacky and Scooby?
2) What was the name of the concrete thing in the swimming hole at the Big Bridge?
3) Who started the bale pile of fire?
4) What was the name of the heifer we ate at Lilia's wedding?
5) What was the name of the big male cat with the sinus problems?
6) What was the names of the milk cows ( Mother, Middle and Little? )
7) Who was the best gizzard cleaner? This one may have multiple answers....
8) Who said, " You make me so think I can't mad straight "?
9) What was the name of Dale's Panda?
10) What would happen when you mixed up the seperator disks while washing them?
11) What was the name of the stream between the little bridge and the big bridge?
12) Which dog hated Yogi the most?
1) Yes, thier were three dogs. Rusty, Nifty and lets not forget Pepper.
2) Randy guessed the big bridge but what I was looking for was the Pillar.
3) I was the witness, It was Randy and thats my final answer.
4) This one was easy, Good Ole' Three Toes.
5) His name was Barney till the sinus problems, then he became known as " Barney Booger "
6) Mother and Little and I think thier was also a Tiny Jolly, Pronounced " Chawley "
7) Dad said Harvey was and then Mom agreed, Harvey is the answer.
8) Lisa said it to her older brothers when she was about four years old.
9) Bingy, another gimmi
10) Only one answer, Mom would get really mad. She said she had a seperator blow up on ger once.
11) Minnow Lane
12) Although we'd all like to remember all the dogs hating him equally, the true answer         would have to be Blacky.
Randy got the most correct, thanks for the participation....
Does anyone know these babes? They gotta be relatives......