My  Mother
Most of the photo's are of Mom growing up on the farm in North Dakota. They range in time from the 30's through the 50's..................Let this page load. Click on the link. Let image load, then hit your back button on your browser to get back here.
Well then...................let's go
Gramma, Milonia and Mom   Mom's the blondie
Mom She's about 19 years old here
Mom and Birdie   Birdie must be the horse
Milonia, Christine, Tillie and Mom Color photo
Mom One of her glamour shots
Mom and Pius  Where's the shoes?
Mom  With the new Plymouth's
Mom This time she is sitting on the truck
Mom and Gramma  I wonder where they where they were going that day
Mom and Tillie  Can anyone tell me where that rock is?
Mom  Another glamour shot
Mom Feeding the chickens  Oct. 19th  1935
Mom  She looks to be about 2 years old in this photo
Mom Sport'n a new haircut and new wristwatch
Mom and her cousin Lorraine
Mom  and Angeline
Mom  and Angeline again, 1934
Mom  ready for school, this photo is dated 1949
Mom with her dog and cat, I wish I knew there names
Mom and Gramma  June 18th, 1942
Mom  I wish that I could see that dress in color
Gramma  in her flower garden  1944
The farm  where Mom grew up
Mom and Dad
Dad and Joe, Thats gotta be Dad on the right
Mom and Lilia
Dad  and Lilia....................Nice socks, Dad
Mom her First Holy Communion, I had to crop this photo because of its size ( Sorry )